“Why raise money to build a soccer field when these kids need more basic things like food, shelter and clothes?”

This is a question I hear often and even wrestled with it myself at the beginning of this journey…

Kids from Mathare do live in a desperately poor community. It is often referred to as a slum, with all the features of one: no infrastructure and few resources for education, food, work, or healthcare.

The hopeful news is that the work Missions of Hope started almost 20 years ago has visibly and substantively changed the community, even for families whose children do not attend MOHI schools. There are more businesses, roads, electricity, water, etc, because the government has responded to the work of MOHI to build public awareness for the community. Always, the students in MOHI schools get two good meals a day, uniforms, healthcare, and a GREAT education. All of this was non-existent prior to MOHI and it’s partnership with CMF.  

The need for safe places to play and learn the lessons provided by sports is a next-level need, but a need nontheless. Imagine what it says to a child in Mathare that her community has the capacity for such a resource?

Access to faith-based sports programs gives kids the opportunity to grow in new and significant ways, to put their gifts and education into practice to become all God intends for them: Christian leaders for Kenya and the world!

100% of your donation goes to support clean, safe, places to play for these children living in one of the biggest slums in the world –the Mathare Valley, Nairobi, Kenya

We are currently 67% of goal….and only a few more weeks to go!! To donate to our team’s fundraising goal, please click here. Thank you for being on this journey with me and thank you for your generosity!

Thank you as always to Dane Voorhees on the beautiful photos from Kenya!

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I love to find the beauty in the everyday, ordinary aspects of life because that's what my life is, ordinary; ordinary but beautiful.

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