Until the Mountains Fall

My Book Review

I saw that one of my favorite authors was selecting people to be on her launch team for her next release, and I applied immediately. I had the privilege of being chosen to be on the launch team for her new book; a book I had been anxiously waiting for. The publisher sent me an early copy so that I could read it and start reviewing and promoting it. Matt made a comment to me after I was selected that went something like this, “How do you even know you’ll like the book? What if it’s not any good, then what?” I tried not to laugh – how could I NOT like a Connilyn Cossette book. If you know her books, then you know what I mean. Not a single bad book in her repertoire.

As to be expected, I loved, loved, loved this book. Not that I could possibly have a favorite among her gems, but this one is up there for sure. I think this one resonated with me more than any of her others because of the message behind and within the story. The story of Rivkah and Malakhi is a spin on the parable of the Prodigal Son.

There is a powerful beauty in this story. I’ve heard the parable of the Prodigal Son many times, but in this way, how she made it feel so real and raw, moved me to tears. Rivkah leaves her family to pursue her own freedoms against a law she doesn’t want to live by and becomes ensnared in something much larger than she could’ve ever imagined.

“But still she fled, leaving me battered and bleeding among the remnants of my brother’s life, each of her parting footfalls another blow to the dream I’d not deserved, but had foolishly dared to hope for.”

One of my favorite moments is as Rivkah’s father who has pursued the hunt for his daughter for a long time is confronted about spending too many resources and time to find her. He says…well, I won’t spoil it. It is literally one of the highlights in the book for me. It is a simple line that holds so much power and made me stop reading and go “wow.” 

I love that this story takes us through the dark times and struggles that come when we try to run our lives the way we think they should go. We often don’t even mean to take a wrong path, but in going away from what we know is right, the path can become dark and twisty. That has been a theme in my life, creating for myself these dark and twisty paths; paths that my heavenly Father didn’t intend for me. And although He didn’t intend those paths, He always uses it for His glory and redeems us and our stories. He doesn’t leave us. He will never leave us. He will never give up on us. He is waiting for us to turn back to Him and return to His open arms.

From the author: 

“My hope for this story is that we will all be reminded that no matter how far we’ve run, no matter how we’ve wasted the days and talents we’ve been gifted with, there is no place we can go to hide from the One Who Sees and there is no pit we can dig deep enough that he won’t graciously climb into to rescue us and carry us to safety.
Thank goodness for a God who keeps pursuing us and loving us, even when we are caught in the same destructive cycle the ancient Hebrews were swept into time and again. But our Abba is always there, isn’t He? Standing on the roof. Hand shielding His eyes as He searches the tree line for any movement. Ready to run to us with arms outstretched, robes flying, to welcome us home.”

How wonderful it is that we have a God and Father who loves US like that.

It reminds me of this song that you need to check out if you haven’t already. Hillsong United’s “As You Find Me.”

I’ve been strong and I’ve been broken within a moment. I’ve been faithful and I’ve been reckless at every bend. I’ve held everything together and watched it shatter. I’ve stood tall and I have crumbled in the same breath. I have wrestled and I have trembled toward surrender. Chased my heart adrift and drifted home again. Plundered blessing till I’ve been desperate to find redemption and every time I turn around Lord You’re still there.
I was found before I was lost. I was Yours before I was not. Grace to spare for all my mistakes and that part just wrecks me. I know I don’t deserve this kind of love, somehow this kind of love is who You are. It’s a grace I could never add up, to be somebody You still want but somehow You love me as You find me.

“Could my return to the arms of my abba be all that was required to wash away the blackness that had consumed me for so long?”

Rivkah, Until the Mountains Fall

Thankful for books like this one by Connilyn Cossette to point us back to Jesus and remember how GREAT is His love for us.

Go read this book! …even if you haven’t read the other ones in the series (which you totally should, by the way).